At each IACC participants express their collective commitment to the fight against corruption though a conference declaration. They are based on the outputs of workshops and plenary sessions that took place at the conference, are produced over the four days of the conference and read out during the closing plenary.

The Brasília Declaration: Don’t let them get away with it

Brasilia Declaration

Brasília:The Key Findings

Presentation of Declaration and Key Findings at Closing Ceremony

The Bangkok Declaration: Restoring Trust

The Bangkok Declaration

The Athens Declaration: Global Transparency

The Athens Declaration

The Guatemala City Declaration: Towards a Fairer World

The Guatemala City Declaration

The Seoul Declaration: Different Cultures, Common Values

The Seoul Declaration

The Prague Declaration: Together Against Corruption

The Prague Declaration

The Durban Declaration: Global Integrity

The Durban Declaration

The Lima Declaration: The State and Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption

The Lima Declaration