8 November 17:30 – 19:30

Combating Corruption in the Private Sector: Eliminating Impunity Through Corporate Anti-Corruption Programs

Session Description

As engines for change, global corporations can drive anti-corruption solutions and implement them with great effectiveness, yet at the same time, they often represent the vehicle through which grand corruption occurs. Recent new strategies for addressing the supply side of corruption demonstrate new ways to significantly impact the impunity enjoyed by corrupt elements within the private sector. They also break new ground for the private sector to assume its place as an equal partner with government and civil society as agents for the elimination of corruption.

Increasingly, governments are relying on corporations for their global influence and using them to combat international crime. Corporate legal and compliance departments are key ingredients in corporate anti-corruption programs and in global efforts to ensure that bribe payers are exposed and held accountable. By highlighting specific successful corruption prevention, detection and investigation measures, this workshop will demonstrate how these game changing solutions are a necessary and integral part of any effort to eliminate impunity in corruption by attacking corruption on the “supply” side of the equation. The workshop will provide concrete examples and recent successes in this area that can be replicated by corporations all over the world. Such strategies will also produce standards and indicators of success that can be used by governments and civil society to measure the effectiveness of private sector anti-corruption efforts. Workshop speakers will review enforcement trends, and the compliance challenges that must be overcome in order to prevent bribery violations, and suggest how these lessons can be incorporated into corporate anti-corruption programs. The workshop will also demonstrate how corporations can become forceful partners with governments, law enforcement authorities and civil society in the effort to remove impunity from the supply side of the corruption paradigm.

Session coordinator’s name:
Virna Di Palma
TRACE International

Session /Moderator
Kevin J Ford
RDC (Regulatory DataCorp)


Alexandra Wrage
TRACE International
Topic: Anti-bribery compliance issues and effective compliance programs (prevention)

Guilherme Franco
Topic: How corporations can successfully address the threat of corruption in their own operations.

Athanasia Karananou
Principles for Responsible Investment
Topic: Corporate governance issues and best practice principles

Pascale Dubois
The World Bank
Topic: Governance and anti-corruption IFI enforcement trends and tools

Alexandra Wrage
TRACE International

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