8 November 17:30 – 19:30

Human Rights and Combating Corruption: Synergies and Solutions to Overcome Impunity

Session Description

The incidence of corruption obstructs the realization of civil and political, but also economic, social and cultural rights. It is detrimental to efficient governance processes and derails the inclusiveness of national development processes and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Due to corruption, equitable access to public services such as health care and education can be restricted particularly for those living in poverty and marginalized and vulnerable populations.

There is a mutually reinforcing link between human rights and anti-corruption efforts which presents a wide range of opportunities to further develop the effectiveness and achievements of both agendas. The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate why human rights have value-adding potential for anti-corruption efforts. It will set forth the main conceptual issues and practices in human rights as they relate to the anti-corruption agenda including: how to use the accountability mechanisms of the international human rights system to fight corruption; how to overcome impunity, abuse of power and discrimination caused by corruption and address economic, political and social factors that encourage corruption; and, how to empower victims of corruption, through participation, accountability and access to information.

The workshop will bring together the experience of a diverse group of stakeholders: a leading Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), an academic research center for human rights, a global network of NGOs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The workshop will demonstrate the crucial and strategic role these stakeholders play in the development of new and innovative strategies that integrate both human rights and anti-corruption agendas, promoting civic education and empowerment efforts, cultivating a culture of transparency and raising awareness on corruption and its adverse impacts. Key opportunities for synergy among the various approaches will be identified, enhancing collaboration and mutual learning.

The workshop will also provide an opportunity to identify a network of practitioners on combating corruption and contribute to collective learning with an emphasis on integrating both the experiences and perspectives from the global and national policy levels and also that of on-the-ground activists, practitioners and ‘game changers’. Finally, it will identify the key entry points for integrating human rights standards and principles into anti-corruption strategies and reviewing where and how the use of a human rights perspective enhances anti-corruption programmes and how human rights principles can be operationalized in anti-corruption efforts.

Session Organizers:

UNDP, as the UN agency mandated to advance human development – works towards providing an enabling environment for people to live a healthy life in peace, dignity and rights. UNDP sees democratic governance as essential in MDG progress and advancement of other development results and for imbuing national and local institutions with systems, processes and values that respect people’s human rights and fundamental freedoms.

COPADI seeks to connect the anti-corruption theory and practice with human rights in order to improve the impact of anti-corruption strategies. COPADI is a feminist organization that applies a gender, race and class perspective to improve and make more democratic the access to public information, social participation and accountability.
Session coordinator’s name:
Chris Gruenberg
Colectivo para la Diversidad (COPADI)

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech Shireen Said
United Nations Development Programme
Topic: Human Rights and Combating Corruption: Synergies and Solutions to Overcome Impunity.

Chris Gruenberg
Colectivo para la Diversidad (COPADI)

Alexandre Ciconello
Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos – INESC
Topic: Using Budgets to Monitor Human Rights and ViceVersa

Claudio Nash
Human Rights Center, University of Chile
Topic: How to connect human rights and anti-corruption policies from academic education to influence anti-corruption reforms.

Shireen Said
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Patrick Lumumba
Kenyan Anti-Corruption Commission
Topic: The fight against corruption in Kenya

Sarah Rattray

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