Media as Agents of Change: Exposing Corruption, Empowering People

Session coordinator’s name:
Roberto Perez Rocha
Transparency International

Session /Moderator
Galina Sidorova
Foundation for Investigative Journalism/Foundation 19/29

Lydia Cacho Ribeiro (Keynote speaker)
journalist, Mexico

Anthony Mills
Deputy Director, International Press Institute

Giannina Segnini,
Editor, Investigative Unit, La Nación, Costa Rica

Gerardo Reyes
Director, Investigative Unit/Univision Network, USA

Session Description

It is unquestioned that independent media can play an important role in exposing corruption and investigating cases that state institutions have failed to investigate. As a fourth estate, media also have the potential of empowering people by showing the effects of corruption and providing the necessary information to strengthen their fight against corruption. And yet exposing corruption is dangerous, it requires immense resources and skills and is only possible in a free and democratic media environment, as governments go to great lengths to prevent their authority from being challenged.

Panellists will present and discuss the laws, institutions, practices and other elements necessary to allow the media to play an important role in the fight against corruption.

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