8 November 17:30 – 19:30

Open Contracting: driving development through disclosure and participation

Session Description

This session is about Open Contracting, a new emerging global movement that brings together a diverse group of innovators to jointly promote increased transparency and monitoring in public contracting.

Open Contracting addresses an urgent need that many stakeholders face in their daily lives. Public revenues are not being generated, allocated and spent as effectively as they could be, affecting the quality of roads, schools and service delivery. Such factors as corruption, opaque contracting processes and poor oversight of contract implementation are undermining development. However, Open Contracting can positively transform this. Open Contracting strengthens procurement outcomes and service delivery, resulting in a more effective use of public resources. It also brings light to complex types of contracts like concessions, licences or public–private partnerships. It works across sectors from infrastructure, to natural resources and service delivery.

Open Contracting uses innovative and collaborative processes to generate a steady flow of ideas and action. It emphasizes enabling collaboration across stakeholder groups from the public, private and civil society sectors. Open Contracting is also a space for experimenting and innovating; it will provide opportunities to prototype innovations in contract transparency and monitoring.

Session coordinator’s name:
Marcela Rozo
World Bank Institute

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech
Ursula Müller
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).
Topic: Why is Open Contracting a key issue within the global “Open” agendas and initiatives

Session Facilitator/Moderator
Marcela Rozo
World Bank Institute

Robert Hunja
World Bank Institute
Topic: Promoting a Global Movement around Open Contracting

Peter Nsenkeng
Africa Freedom of Information Center – AFIC
Topic: Implementing Open Contracting at country level – experience from Uganda

Christiaan Poortman
Construction Sector Transparency Initiative – CoST
Topic: Why is Open Contracting a good partner for sector focused transparency initiatives?

Maria Margarita Zuleta
Colombia Compra Eficiente
Topic: Driving procurement reform through Open Contracting principles and standards

Francesco de Simone
Transparency International USA
Topic: Designing Open Contracting tools for civil society contract monitoring

Felipe Estefan
World Bank Institute

Nadine Stiller
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

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