Utilizing International Transparency and Anti-corruption Standards to Advance Domestic Policy

8 November 15:00 – 17:00

Session Description

This session will examine when, where and how transparency champions can effectively use international standards and mechanisms to advance transparency, accountability and anticorruption policies at the national level.

The panel will highlight evidence-based case studies from Latin America and research from Transparency International, the Open Society Foundations, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, and the Organization of America States to stimulate a discussion among participants as to the lessons learned and the key strategies, actions, and drivers for change.

Session coordinator’s name:
Vonda Brown
Open Society Foundations

Session /Moderator
Vonda Brown
Senior Program Officer
Open Society Foundations

Florencia Guerzovich
Transparency and Accountability Initiative
Topic: Effectiveness of International Anticorruption Conventions on Domestic Policy Changes

Elisabeth Ungar
Transparencia Colombia
Topic: Colombian Case Study: Public Policy Advocacy and International Standards

Jorge García-González
Organization of American States
Topic: The Inter-American Convention against Corruption and the Follow-Up Mechanism for its Implementation (MESICIC)

Ximena Salazar
Transparency International