8 November 17:30 – 19:30

Youth ICT, Music in Anti-Corruption

Session Description

This session will showcase the role of the youth across various sectors of anti-corruption campaigns. It will present the model of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, which connects and equips youth civil society leaders with innovative ICT tools for promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability. Examples will be drawn from the experiences of ICT-mediated monitoring of public university budgets in Peru through the Universidad Coherente initiative and of public education services through the CheckMySchool project in the Philippines. A case study on the use of music in triggering interest, information, and awareness will also be presented through examples from Fair Play, an anti-corruption music initiative.

The session will also locate the youth in a pivotal role in election monitoring efforts in Latin American countries and fragile environments such as Nicaragua, while historically contextualizing the role of the youth in these sectors and others. Lastly, the session will demonstrate the youth as the hyper-connected bloc that, through social networking and new media, have sparked revolutions that define the present age and that which they recognize they will lead in the near future.

Session coordinator’s name:
Joseph Mansilla
GYAC Network

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech
Marlon Cornelio
SK Reform Coalition
Topic: Showcasing youth-led ICT innovations, music, and youth network models in fighting corruption.

Karine Oliveira
Instituto Soma Brazil
Topic: Contextualizing historically the participation of youth in the fight against corruption, with successful experiences and emphasis on Brazil and Latin America; proposing ways to mobilize, engage and empower youth to fight corruption; showcasing the increasing involvement of young people in combating corruption, the experiences that has been working in Brazil and Latin America, the need for action directed specifically to young people’s involvement in this cause, to discuss and propose an effective means of mobilization and training of youth.

Sisca Gafri
Topic: Demonstrating best practices on 1) Anti-corruption campaigns via multimedia that effectively capture the participation of students (e.g., games, etc.) 2) Raising awareness on crimes of public corruption through social networking, journalism citizen

Abril Zepada
Etica y Transparencia
Topic: Presenting the role of the youth in election monitoring efforts, developing expertise and innovation to observe and promote civic education and citizen participation in political restrictive scenarios like in Nicaragua at this moment, and how these learnings and experiences can be replicated around the world.

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