Are we winning or failing in the fight against corruption?

A debate featuring Laurence Cockcroft, Frank Vogl & John Githongo

Brand new books on global corruption by two of the founders of Transparency International – Laurence Cockcroft and Frank Vogl – sharply focus differences on achievements and prospects. Kenya’s John Githongo moderates the debate.

“In Global Corruption – Money, Power and Ethics in the Modern World,” Cockcroft roams the world of bribery to highlight its formidable challenges. Vogl, in “Waging War on Corruption – Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power,” highlights the unsung achievements of courageous civil society.

Should we be skeptical or optimistic about prospects for fighting corruption? – Githongo will provocatively lead the debate.


John Githongo


Laurence Cockcroft

Lessons learned in 20 Years of corruption fighting.

Frank Vogl

Empowering civil society still more to do to reduce corruption everywhere.

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