Clean Games Inside and Outside the Stadiums

9 November 15:00 – 17:00

Session Description

Corruption in Sports: Why the Penalty to Society?

From fans to champions: It’s time to blow the whistle

The two biggest sporting events in the world are coming to Brazil. They bring with them huge corruption challenges, which must be addressed head on to ensure these global events leave a positive legacy for the people of Brazil while enhancing the image of sports around the world.

Sports brings development opportunities, strengthens social ties and when used as a force for good provides a way for people, especially young people, to embrace the spirit of fair play and achievement that will have a positive effect on society in the future. But like any big business, the sporting world is vulnerable to corruption. Match-fixing, conflicts of interests, cronyism, kickbacks, extortion and bribery are all forms of bad sportsmanship that hit the headlines hurting the image of sports in all aspects.

A multi-stake holder group, including the Brazilian government, knows this and is working together on Jogos Limpos, or clean games initiative, to ensure that the World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016 have a positive effect for the people of Brazil and sport worldwide.

This plenary will take a critical look at governance structures in the sporting world and their relationship with money, power and society and will set the necessary standards for the games in Brazil and future events to stay clean and be real Jogos Limpos.

Session coordinator’s name:
Betina Sarue
Instituto Ethos

Session /Moderator
Paulo Itacarambi
Executive vice-president
Instituto Ethos

Olajobi Makinwa
Global Compact Office
Topic: Fighting Corruption in Sport Sponsoring and Sport-related Hospitality

Oded Grajew
Brazilian social network for just and sustainable cities
Topic: Legacy of sporting events for cities

Yvon Dandurand
University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
Topic: UNCAC as a Framework to Mainstream Anti-Corruption Safeguards for the Organization of Major Public Events

Vania Vieira
CGU Brazil – Office of the Comptroller General
Topic: challenges of anticorruption in the conduct of sport related mega events: Brazil 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games

Marcela Rozo
World Bank Institute
Topic: “Open Contracting” and sport related events

Name: Felipe Saboya
Organisation: Instituto Ethos

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