9 November 09:00 – 11:00

Enforcing anti-corruption laws – Time for a new model?

Session Outline

For decades, perpetrators of serious and very damaging acts of corruption, both in the public and in the private sectors, have remained largely unpunished depriving developing countries of hundreds of billions in much needed funds for development.

As the 15th IACC convenes in Brasilia, and people throughout the Arab world struggle to get back their countries’ stolen funds, the time has to come to question the ability/will of national enforcement authorities to end impunity.

Considering that status quo is not sustainable anymore, this workshop aims to showcase and discuss actual and potential remedies to ensure corrupt leaders and those who collude with them don’t go unpunished. International experts will present provoking ideas, best practices and examples to share know-how and foster discussion about concrete solutions.

Session coordinator:
Gillian DELL
Transparency International Secretariat

Session /Moderator
Managing director

Adetokunbo MUMUNI
Topic: Adetokunbo will present SERAP’s work and particularly the actions taken by its organization to address corruption.

Open Society Justice Initiative
Topic: Kenneth will present the various corruption cases in which the OSJI is involved.

Servaas Feiertag
Transparency International Secretariat
Topic: Servaas will talk about the potential of PIL platform to fight corruption.

Paul Carrington
Duke Law University
Topic: Paul will present his academic research on the current international movement to deter transnational corrupt practices.

Marie Terracol
TI-S (Berlin)

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