9 November 09:00 – 11:00

On-line Civic Innovation Against Corruption – new Technology to solve an old Problem

Session Description

The aim of our game changers session will be to share our experience, background, and expertise, with a diverse audience including NGOs, industry experts, philanthropists, academics, journalists, and corporations. We will facilitate a dialogue around the knowledge we have acquired and the challenges we have faced in bringing the IPAB concept to life.

In return, the IPAB team also hopes the session will allow us to take information and ideas from others in the same field. Ultimately, we would like to bring together interested people from different sectors of the global anti-corruption space, to promote reciprocal learning. In this environment of reciprocity we hope to discover innovative new anti-corruption solutions.

We would also like to invite representatives from TI Lithuania to talk about how they facilitate whistle-blowing in the on-line space, protect identities, and provide feedback. We would also like to invite PTF to talk about how their Citizen Action Platform will leverage technology to change the rules of the corruption game.

Our session would showcase the crowd-sourcing model IPAB uses to collect its bribe data, its potential for citizen empowerment, and its usefulness for advocacy at the government level. It would showcase the steps we have taken to increase the accessibility of the IPAB site – namely, a new user-friendly interface, an SMS hotline number, and a smart phone application which allows real-time uploading of bribe reports. Finally, it would showcase the steps we have taken to scale and expand the reach of the program; namely, the introduction of new categories for bribe reporting such as medical and rural corruption, sharing ipaidabribe.com source code with NGOs in foreign countries, developing innovative mobile applications, and mobile web versions of the site, to expand the reach of the website, the imminent launch of a Hindi translation tool on the site to increase our target audience, and a renewed effort to expand our social media presence via a dedicated content team for our Facebook and Twitter Sites.

Session Coordinator
Joylita Saldanha
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Session Facilitator/Moderator
Chris Doig
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy

Babina Roshan
Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy
Topic: Scaling IPAB beyond India’s borders

Neringa Mickeviciute
Transparency International Lithuania
Topic: The Transparency line

Usha Venkatachallam
Partnership for Transparency Fund
Topic: Expand and intensify citizen engagement with PTF’s Citizen Action Platform

Colby Pachenco
Partnership for Transparency Fund
Topic: PTF’s Experience with Information & Communication Technologies for governance and anti-corruption

Sergejus Muravjovas
Transparency International Lithuania
Topic: TI’s perspectives of on-line initiatives – a holistic perspective

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