9 November 15:00 – 17:00

Opening Governments for the People: targeted transparency policies for better public service delivery and accountability in the LAC Region

Session Description

The workshop will demonstrate how targeted transparency (TT) policies contribute to engage different audiences/stakeholders within the broader agenda of open government.

During the session, the coordinator Nicolás Dassen will provide a precise explanation of the concept of targeted transparency, and an overview of the innovative approach of the Anticorruption Activities Fund (AAF), recently renamed as Transparency Fund, a multi-donor trust fund funded by the Government of Norway and managed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).Concrete examples regarding the implementation of TT policies will be provided, followed by an analysis of the concept of open government and its potential to both engage citizens and modernize governments within the context of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) country action plans.

Further, the session will answer specific working questions, such as how can TT policies improve the quality of public services in different social and economic sectors? How can they enhance social monitoring of public policies and prevent corruption? How can they enable consumers and users of public services to make better informed decisions? Which are the challenges for CSOs and governments in implementing TT policies and assessing their impact? In answering these questions, three experts from Latin America will talk about their experiences in different sectors.

On infrastructure, Sonia Tschorne’s presentation will look at the design and implementation of a Public Works Control Systems, aimed at providing more transparency and control in the public infrastructure industry in Chile.

On housing, Marcela Restrepo Hung will address the topic of TT polices in the management of access household financial loans in Colombia.

On extractive industries, Orazio Bellettini will share the results of a Project that revealed the quantity, accessibility and quality of available information related to the oil sector in Ecuador.

To better explain the experiences of Colombia and Ecuador, two short videos will be broadcast during the session.

The expected results of this session include the provision of insights and knowledge regarding the role that TT policies can play in the promotion of open government and the improvement of public service delivery. It is also expected that the session can bring light to several challenges that may face projects in the Latin America and the Caribbean region during their implementation phase, and how to overcome them. Moreover, the session will highlight how TT policies are so crucial to engage citizens in public interest matters.

Session coordinator’s name:
Nicolás Dassen
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Session /Moderator
Harald Tollan
Senior Advisor
Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway

Sonia Tschorne Berestesky
Neourbanismo consultora
Topic: Targeted transparency in the infrastructure sector

Marcela Restrepo Hung
Corporación Transparencia por Colombia
Topic: Targeted transparency in the social housing sector

Orazio Bellettini Cedeno
Grupo FARO
Topic: Targeted transparency in the extractive industries sector

Alvaro Ramírez Alujas
Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset

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