9 November 15:00 – 17:00

Transparency as strategic component of citizen security policy. Cases from Latin America.

Session Description

Corruption in the security agencies means much more than the private profit of public resources. It also means the risk of human rights violations, capture of the agencies by organized crime, and increased autonomy from the political power.

The control of corruption and transparency reforms in the security agencies has been overlooked, and requires a discussion of the regional and local experiences, both of corruption cases, and their impact, and of reforms and citizen demands.The session will allow to identify experiences and stakeholders connecting the security policies in Latin America with the improvement of integrity and transparency tools in security agencies.

To what extent pro-transparency and accountability reforms are viable in Latin America? What are the experiences so far? What is or could be the impact on the service delivery? Is the fight against international organized crime an opportunity to advance this agenda? These are some of the questions the discussion will address, in order to think a long term advocacy agenda.

Session coordinator’s name:
Name Hernán Charosky

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech Name:
Alejandro Salas
Transparency International Secretariat
Topic: Transparency in security agencies: human rights, democracy at stake.

Session Facilitator/Moderator
Hernán Charosky

Michael Shifter
Inter American Dialogue
Topic: Transparency and Accountability in security agencies and the foreign policy of the US towards Latin America.

Andrés Hernández
Transparency International Colombia

Manfredo Marroquin
Transparency International

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