Whistling Around the World: Growing an International Movement to Connect Whistleblowers with Investigative Journalists

9 November 09:00 – 11:00

Session Description

This session will discuss the need for an international network to link whistleblowers with investigative journalists. Panelists and experts will look at where such networks currently exist, and propose innovative ways to connect regional, national and international efforts to link whistleblowers with investigative journalists who work on corruption-related stories.

Current practices will be presented by representatives from 100Reporters and the Government Accountability Project, and veteran investigative journalists from various regions and countries will discuss how they make the most of confidential and anonymous sources, while employing the highest professional standards to protect their identity.

There will be an open discussion on what an international network would look like, what its goals should be, and what it can accomplish. It will not look at reinventing the wheel, but using what works in practice, linking existing sources and resources with serious journalists working on corruption-related stories, and maximising the public impact of whistleblowers’ disclosures through top-quality journalism practices and standards.

Session coordinator’s name:
Mark Worth / Deborah Wise Unger
Transparency International

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech
Bea Edwards
Government Accountability Project
Topic: Building an international network of whistleblowers and investigative journalists

Session Facilitator/Moderator
Stella Dawson
Thomson Reuters Foundation

Bea Edwards
Government Accountability Project
Topic: Linking whistleblowers with journalists: the US model

Diana Jean Schemo
Topic: “Whistleblower Alley”: a secure online portal for whistleblowers

Martín Rodríguez Pellecer
Plaza Pública
Topic: Connecting the doers: linking journalists, activists, scholars and youth

Robert Vaughn
American University, Washington College of Law
Topic: Maximising impact: making the most of whistleblower disclosures

Paul Radu
Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Topic: Deep background: how to use and protect whistleblowers as news sources

Video message
Ralph Nader
Center for Study of Responsive Law
Topic: Whistleblowers and Muckrakers: Past, Present and Future

Deborah Wise Unger
Transparency International

Mark Worth
Transparency International

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