Joining Forces for Enforcement: Making UNCAC Work

Session Description

Anti-corruption laws frequently have loopholes. National police, prosecution and judiciary services often fail to enforce them. Barriers to mutual legal assistance prevent holding the corrupt to account. The UNCAC provides comprehethat UNCAC’s potential is realised so that corrupt leaders and their accomplices are subject to the rule of law? This workshop will explore various possible initiatives to promote UNCAC enforcement and an end to impunity. How can civil society and the private sector work together? What joint action can we take together at a regional and global level? Should an international anti-corruption tribunal be part of the solution? Our expert panellists, all at forefront of enforcement campaigning, will speak about their rich and varied experiences campaigning for stronger enforcement based on international standards and conventions against corruption. The session will also look at the possibility of a joint initiative on asset recovery and anti-money laundering ahead of the UNCAC Conference of State Parties in late 2013.

Session coordinator’s name:
Gillian Dell
Transparency International & UNCAC Coalition

Expert Delivering Kick Off Inspirational Speech
Michelle Reyes
Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Topic: Learning form the experience of the campaign for the International Criminal Court

Session Facilitator/Moderator
Vincent Lazatin
TAN Philippines & UNCAC Coalition

Babatunde Oluago
Zero Corruption, Nigeria & UNCAC Coalition
Topic: Working with the private sector for a functioning enforcement system in Nigeria

Ezequiel Nino
Civil Association for Equality and Justice (ACIJ), Argentina & UNCAC Coalition
Topic: Engaging citizens in the fight for justice

Stefanie Ostfeld
Global Witness & UNCAC Coalition
Topic: Campaigning to end corruption: closing loopholes in law and ensuring robust enforcement of the regulations

Expert #4
Maud Perdriel-Vaissiere
SHERPA & UNCAC Coalition
Topic: Joining forces to make asset recovery and anti-money laundering work

Alix Dunn
Tactical Tech
Topic: How technology can power effective campaigns

Gillian Dell
Transparency International

Andrea Figari
Transparency International

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