10 November 14:00 – 16:00

Power to the People: Parliamentarians, Citizens and Anti-Corruption

Session Description

Parliamentarians are elected by the people to serve the people. Nobody is better placed to act as a bridge between citizens and government and to ensure that the voice of the people is reflected through legislation which promotes transparency and good governance. But do they always succeed? How can parliamentarians build effective coalitions with civil society and how successful is this in fighting corruption in different corners of the world?

The Panel will address the key question of how legislators can remain engaged with their constituency once elected and ensure that civil society maintains an active voice in Parliament. Panellists will apply their knowledge from different parts of the world – including the Arab Region, Latin America and the emerging state of Timor Leste – and will seek to engage politicians and civil society participants in an open dialogue on how to build bridges and ensure that the concerns of civil society can be reflected in government policy.

This workshop will also explai the work undertaken by the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) and highlight their model of using Global Task Forces to provide capacity building for legislators on key areas of corruption and to share experience, best practice and model anti-corruption legislation across different regions of the world.

The workshop is expected to deliver a set of detailed recommendations for parliamentarians on how best to establish and maintain an effective dialogue with representatives from civil society, to strengthen and empower GOPAC’s Global Task Force for the Participation of Society and to establish a forward-looking agenda and a clear set of principles which that Task Force will use to build capacity and promote the participation of society through its regional and national workshops aroudn the globe.

Session coordinator’s name:
Vicki Baxter Amade
GOPAC Global Secretariat

Session /Moderator
Dr Naser Al-Sane (Kuwait)
Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

John Williams
CEO, GOPAC Global Secretariat
Topic: The People’s Choice: Fighting Corruption through Legislators Elected by the People

Senator Ricardo Garcia Cervantes
Regional Chair, GOPAC Latin America
Topic: Working with Civil Society in Latin America

Hon Fernanda Borges
Former Member of Parliament, East Timor
Topic: Starting off on the Right Foot: Building Anti-Corruption Credentials in an Emerging State

Ashley Pereira
GOPAC Global Secretariat

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