10 November 09:00 – 11:00

Social Mobilization and Information Systems

Session Description

A Joint Pannel where experiences from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico are discussed.

Mobilizing people in the fight against corruption is a well-known challenge. The incentives for mobilizing people are commonly assumed not to be strong enough to overcome inaction. However, when these incentives do increase to the level of mobilizing a high number of people into action, they usually result in ephemeral movements that are almost always unable of generating strategic information or systematic data that can support strong actions or long-term objectives. These are the main challenges that will be address in the session “Social Mobilization and Information Systems”.

Session coordinator’s name:
Eduardo Bohórquez
Transparencia Mexicana A.C.

Rosario Pavese
Poder Ciudadano Argentina

Jorge Donizeti Sanchez
Amarribo, Brasil

Edinson Malagón
Transparencia por Colombia

Henrique Ziller
Amarribo, Brasil

Rafael García
Transparencia Mexicana A.C.

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