7 November 18:00 – 20:00

Enlisting Business Education to Combat Corruption: A Global Initiative

Session Description

The developing country Civil Society Organization initiatives that will be discussed seek to embed anti-corruption education in curricula at all levels as well as overcoming current shortcomings in management anti-corruption and practice programs. They utilize collaborative efforts that reach beyond the classroom to engage academic, business, NGO, and governmental leaders in a global initiative to develop and implement ethics and anti-corruption curricula in management education and more broadly in other disciplines. When fully operational, these programs will equip future business decision-makers with an ability to recognize corrupt practices, develop systems for resisting corruption and detecting improper conduct.

Session coordinator’s name:
Name: Ronald Berenbeim
Position: Project Coordinator: PRME Working Group on Integrating Anti-Corruption into the Business Curriculum
Organisation: UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Shiv K. Tripathi
Mzumbe University
Topic: Making the Sale, Assessing the Results

Abeer Musleh
Research and Development Director
AMAN, Palestine
Topic: Combating Corruption through Education at the University Level

Martin Kreutner
Chair and Executive Secretary
International Anti-corruption Academy (ICA)
Topic: Corruption’s Manifestations and Social Complexities: a Part-Time Program for Developing Country Professionals and Managers in Leadership Positions

Azzedine Akesebi
Transparency International, Morocco
Topic: Moroccan Experience in Combating Corruption through Education

Olajobi Makinwa
Director, Tenth Principle on Anti-Corruption
UN Global Compact
Topic: How the Global Compact Can and Does Support Responsible Management Education Initiatives

Shiv K. Tripathi
Mzumbe University

Susan Cote-Freeman
Programme Manager
Transparency International

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