The Theme

Mobilising People:
Connecting Agents of Change

Building a more dynamic movement for transparency
The 14th IACC held in Bangkok, Thailand in November 2010 pointed the way for the future of the fight against corruption: The international anti-corruption movement decided on a new emphasis on fighting corruption by empowering and mobilising people, be it from civil society, the private or public sectors, and younger generations. Achieving this needs innovation, fresh new ideas and most importantly, an open and vibrant interaction among all sectors.

This year’s conference will support and connect people who want to change the rules of the game
People are devising new ways to push for greater transparency and accountability, and are standing up to ultimately achieve greater social justice. Yet corruption and impunity have an immense destabilising effect on society. Now more than ever, mutually accountable action is needed to create irreversible change, and to ensure that the power fuelled by corruption harms societies no more. It is people who will create this change.