The Next Step: Dirty Money

Throughout the International Anti-Corruption Conference, we’ll post exclusive interviews about what happens after the workshops and panels are over. We’ll look at what was accomplished and what strategies participants can actually take back to their countries to fight corruption.

One of the major obstacles to fighting corruption is dirty money and illicit financial flows. How do institutions restore people’s trust? And what key measures are needed to make sure transparency is rooted in the world of money.

After their panel, Patrick Alley, co-founder of Global Witness and Nicholas Shaxon, investigative journalist and author, joined me to talk about the next steps needed to curtail the flow of dirty money.


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  1. Ednar Dayanghirang

    Can your organization help us fight national corruption at the Bureau of Customs?

    • 15iaccAdmin

      Hi Ednar, maybe you would want to contact Transparency International’s national chapter in your country. If you let us know where you come from we will be happy to give you their contact details.

      Best, Mara
      IACC Team