Omaid Sharifi on corruption on Afghanistan

IACC Young Journalist Ryan Hicks spoke to Omaid Sharifi about the situation in Afghanistan with regards to corruption, the key players and issues, and the role of youth and media in fighting corruption.

Omaid Sharifi is the Country Representative for Afghanistan at the International Center for Democratic Transition. He is also the founder of the White Ribbon Movement. Follow him on Twitter at @OmaidSharifi

Shot on location in Brasilia, November 2012.
Camera & Production: Parker Mah
Editing: Ryan Hicks & Parker Mah


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  1. Sulieman Hedayat

    Well done Omaid Sharifi.. I second you on the points you mentioned. It is a concern that people inside and outside Afghanistan think that corruption is only in the government offices, while it is a complex problem involving people at various levels including national and international organisations..

    I wish more people could develop such observations as you had, and more importantly, they should raise their voices rather than just shrugging it off as something they cannot do anything about.