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Monitoring Public Procurement and Political Financing

This problem was proposed by Felipe de Oliveira Antoniazzi from Brazil. Felipe will join us at the IACC Hackathon 


In Brazil, election campaigns are financed in part by individuals and corporations.
The elected candidates are, therefore, sponsored by a network of people and companies that have interests in government contracts.
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Helping Youth-led Global Anti-Corruption Campaigns distributing their Funds

This problem statement was submitted by Felix Weth. Feliy is based in Germany and works for Fairnopoly. He would love to join us for the Hackathon. 

Mobilising people is one of the core global solutions addressed by the 15th IACC. But initiatives by people that do not have a strong organisation in the back – in particular youth-led initiatives – often face a major problem when searching sufficient resources for pushing at a larger scale. Often this results in situations where the quest for funding takes over much of their energy and focus.
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The Open Bank Project – raising the bar of financial transparency in Brazil

This problem statement was submitted by Simon Redfern. Simon is based in Germany and workd on the Open Bank Project.He will come and join us in Brazil for the Hackathon.

Research by Transparency International consistently shows an inverse correlation between transparency and corruption. Indeed, the recent financial crisis and scandals involving the misuse of public funds, and wide spread global corruption all involve data obfuscation in their causes and/or aftermath. Hence, more financial transparency will lead to more accountability and less corruption!
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Making Spending of Public Funds Transparent

This problem statement was submitted by David Esteban Marçal Cabrera from Brazil. David would love to contribute his problem statement to the pool of problems that will be worked on during the Hackathon. 

In Brazil, there is a lot of non governamental organizations. These organizations receive money from governamental departements and they need to show back how the money is spent. This money can come from Federal resources, state resources or municipal resources. There is no good tools to police if the money is spent as it is reported. As i am working in my Graduate Work, i’m developping a web-based software which the organization puts how the money is spent (the eletronic invoice of it (or scanned) and what is it for), then the > Read full story

Making public spending traceable

This problem statement was submitted by Eric Brandao. Eric would like to contribute his problem to the IACC so others might be able to pick up on it.

Hello, my name is Eric Brandão

I want to make my idea to fight corruption, which is nothing more

a problem that plagues us Brazilian people.

My suggestion would be as follows:

Each Parliamentary Leader of any organ or public policy or position of responsibility, which requires a bit of trust and honesty.

These people should have for itself a distinctive coin or card
for spending, which is the wage tax office he holds by each of these.
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