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Time to Open Up Contracting

By Felipe Estefan

Many of us at the IACC fight against corruption not just because we must eradicate corruption. We fight against corruption not just because it is what we should do or what we need to. Ultimately, the fight against corruption goes beyond corruption itself; it is a fight for a better life for citizens around the world.

Contracting is central in this mission of improving the everyday lives of citizens.

Quite simply: every time goverment has to fulfill one of its responsibilities, every time government delivers a service, it must do so through contracts.

Building roads requires contracts. Providing medicines to citizens requires contracts. Building public schools requires contracts. Developing natural resources requires contracts. Contracting is at the core of how government conducts its business. > Read full story

La corrupción crece en el silencio

“La corrupción crece en el silencio”, con esta frase la periodista rusa Galina Sidorova abrió el panel. Su voz, autoritaria y raspada, resonó en todo el auditorio. El silencio invadió el lugar. El silencio se sentía y casi dolía. Ella citó a una periodista mexicana, Ana Hernández, al comenzar el panel de “medios contra la corrupción” en la 15ava Conferencia Internacional de Anticorrupción en Brasilia. Sidorova continuó con una cifra vergonzosa: 95 periodistas muertos en el 2012 – y el año aún no termina.

The journalists during the media and corruption panel. Picture taken by Andrea Arzaba

The journalists during the media and corruption panel. Picture taken by Andrea Arzaba

Anthony Mills, Director del International Press Institute, habló de la situación actual de los periodistas alrededor del mundo, la cual en lugar de mejorar va empeorando: “el clima de impunidad que nos rodea es impensable, ya que a muchos de los periodistas que quieren cubrir corrupción, el sistema los quiere eliminar”.

> Read full story

Spending of Taxes

This problem statement was submitted by Thiago Almeida Araújo. Thiago is living in Brazil and would love to come and join us at the conference.

In my city Cuiaba-MT, the mayor obliges all citizens to pay a tax called IPTU. All money raised should be used for the infrastructure of the city. > Read full story

The Open Bank Project – raising the bar of financial transparency

This post has been written for the IACC blog  by Simon Redfern, CEO of Tesobe and Founder of the Open Bank project.

Shortly after I arrived in Berlin in 2004, I was thinking about some rather sad and ugly news concerning corruption and war – and I thought of a new type of bank; a bank where all the accounts would be open for everyone to see! I mentioned this idea to a good friend in London, and he said “what about a protocol” so that lots of banks could offer accounts like that. Then, in September 2008, I visited Athens to work on a dance theatre piece as a composer / musician. When exploring the city during the breaks, I noticed several signs outside construction sites proclaiming “Funded by the EU!”, “Funded by the EU!”. I mentioned this enthusiastically to our set designer, but she replied “Yes Simon, but there’s so much corruption here!”. > Read full story

IACC APP Lab – Fix my street

This time we had a closer look at the fix my street website. Fix my street was developed by UK charity mySociety. If you do not know mySociety yet – then check them out. They have two main missions: the first is to be a charitable project which builds websites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives, the second is to teach the public and voluntary sectors, through demonstration, how to use the internet most efficiently to improve lives. > Read full story