Omaid Sharifi on corruption on Afghanistan

IACC Young Journalist Ryan Hicks spoke to Omaid Sharifi about the situation in Afghanistan with regards to corruption, the key players and issues, and the role of youth and media in fighting corruption.

Omaid Sharifi is the Country Representative for Afghanistan at the International Center for Democratic Transition. He is also the founder of the White Ribbon Movement. Follow him on Twitter at @OmaidSharifi

Shot on location in Brasilia, November 2012.
Camera & Production: Parker Mah
Editing: Ryan Hicks & Parker Mah

Resilience in Kabul: Afghans Take on Corruption to Rebuild their Country

“I have a life in Kabul,” insisted Seema Ghani, Executive Director of the Monitoring Evaluation Committee (MEC), a joint Afghan and international body dedicated to transparency and accountability in Afghanistan. Ms. Ghani explained that, despite the many challenges that Afghans face, significant progress has been made towards stabilizing parts of the country. She argued that Westerners forget that people are trying and, in her experience, succeeding in getting on with their lives.

On Friday at the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Brasilia, representatives from government, civil society, and the military held a press conference on the achievements and challenges of fighting corruption in Afghanistan. Panelists shared their unexpected success stories in dealing with the Afghan government as well as their concerns about the politics at home and abroad.

“I admit that I was considering resigning until March of this year,” reflected Ms. Ghani. “But then I started to see the progress with my own eyes. I decided to continue and since I’ve seen 98% of our benchmarks implemented.”

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