The Zero Rupee Note as explained by Vijay Anand of 5th Pillar

Parker Mah sat down with social reformer and innovator Vijay Anand at the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference to talk about the Zero Rupee Note, one of the most successful initiatives developed by 5th Pillar, an Indian anti-corruption organisation co-founded by Anand. The note is a “zeroed” version of an Indian banknote which can be proferred in any situation in which a bribe is demanded. On the back of the note is the message “Encourage, Enable and Empower every citizen of India to eliminIte corruption at all levels of society” as well as contact information for 5th pillar and references to the Right to Information act. It serves as both a tool to combat corruption at the point of interaction and an awareness-raising tool on the ground. It is distributed in 15 different local languages through community and student organisations.

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Recorded on location in Brasilia, November 2012.