IACC Hackathon

Open Call for Problems

Are you facing a challenge that is corruption related? Maybe technology and collaboration can help to solve it!

The first IACC Hackathon will happen during the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference 2012 (Nov 7-10 in Brasilia, Brazil).

A Hackathon is an event where people use great ideas, information, data, open technologies and many lines of code to build projects that can solve problems that affect many others – just like corruption. These projects can be websites, social network applications, smartphone apps or even machines and cool hardware solutions. Not only hackers, but anyone interested in creating and building them can participate!

So that means that while the IACC Conference is happenning, hackers, individuals and organizations will have space and structure to work together and create projects that use technology to fight corruption. This is your chance to meet people who either work on issues that you have been always concerned about or get an innovative solution for your problem.

To start, we would like to ask you, the citizens and anti-corruption organisations and from all over the world: What problems related to corruption and transparency you think should be addressed during the IACC Hackathon?

Please bear in mind that the problem or project you submit does not necessarily have to be technology based yet. Here are some questions that can help you to think of problems that can inspire projects based on technology and collaboration :

  • What information do you wish you had in order to help the anti-corruption cause?
  • What information about politics or corruption do you have that you wish others had access to? (This can be government information eg. on spending money or new legislations, research datasets on corruption related issues, datasets on corruption cases and much more.)
  • What information you think could help people make more informed decisions about politics and corruption? Is this information open and available, but difficult to access or visualize?
  • How could data help raise awareness about corruption? How do you wish it could be visualized for others?
  • How could we make communication about politics and corruption more efficient?
  • What kind of “crowdsourced” information (information that you collect by hundreds of people through the internet) could be valuable to anti-corruption organizations and projects?
  • Don’t forget to check out the IACC Global Solutions, ideally your problem should be related to one of them
  • Not so clear yet? Here you have a problem sample created by the IACC team – it is an example of what ideas can be inspiring for a Hackathon. Read it here

Anyone at all can submit problems that, later on, will serve as directions for hackers, developers and people who will help with their fact based expertise during the hack at the conference. So let the inspiration begin! Submit a challenging problem on the form here :)

Questions? Please contact us at hackathon@transparency.org

By the end of August we will start posting problems – get back here and find out more about how to join us at the conference and bursaires (Yes, we are sponsoring people to join us in Brasília).