IACC Hackathon: Winning App

Winning App

Aybolit (The Good Doctor).

Aybolit is a platform for promoting doctors and hospitals in Ukraine who are operating within the ethical and legal expectations of society.

The main goal is to promote ethical doctors in Ukraine, both to the public and to the doctor’s professional peers. On a broader level, Aybolit aims to reopen the public discussion on appropriate practices in healthcare within Ukraine.

What does this mean?

Aybolit is a platform where patients can praise their doctor´s ethical behaviour. This can be done by selecting the doctor from a database. Everyone who makes a comment must register themself (this can be done by using a social media account). That way abuse of the platform can be prevented. The rated doctor will then, after the comment has gone through a review process, receive a postcard thanking him for his ethical behaviour.

This means that not only the doctor´s good behaviour will be reinforced but also that new patients can benefit from the platform, which keeps track of the comments and shows them on a map. Patients can then pick their doctor.

What does this mean for the future?

Patients in Ukraine will have the power to positively change the rules of the game in the Ukrainian health sector. By rating their doctors they will reinforce their positive behaviour and have hospitals and other health institutions rethink their maybe unethical behaviour.

This project is done in collaboration with Transparency International Ukraine and will be launced in early 2013.

Please check in here for regular updates on the IACC Hackathon winning app and all the other brilliant ideas that have been developed over the course of four days.