MyIACC University

The IACC in your lecture theatres

The 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference will take the key issues of corruption outside of the conference walls, to universities all over the world.

In a nutshell: What’s the aim?

  • Give everybody a voice in the anti-corruption discussion
  • Educate and engage young minds and future leaders in the issues surrounding corruption today.

How is it going work?

The programme begins in the autumn semester 2012, and will be open for participation from all universities worldwide.

Universities will be expected to bring the students into the transparency discussion ahead of the conference, and students will then find a variety of ways to join the anti-corruption debate.

Your IACC, your way

Each participating University is invited to make their programme their own. This means choosing which of the conferences issues to focus on, and which of the conference sessions to broadcast to their students. Universities may engage their students in as much or as little of the IACC as they wish, according to how readily compatible the IACC is with existing courses and plans.

What will students get out of the programme?

The IACC University programme is a valuable experience for students, who will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in important discussions about real issues. It is also a valuable experience for students to follow and understand the processes of one of the world’s premier conferences, and to communicate directly with conference panellists that include Heads of State and Heads of some of the world’s leading organisations.

Download the IACC University Brochure and share this initiative with your faculty.