My IACC: Global Conference Coverage

Bringing the IACC to you

For the first time, the IACC, will be brought outside the conference walls,  to individuals and universities all over the world.

The aim of myIACC is to give everybody a voice in the anti-corruption discussion, be it physically at the conference or virtually in lecture halls and at home.  Through use of cutting edge technology, my IACC will overcome these limitations and involve people from various countries and different backgrounds in a global discussion about the future in the fight against corruption.

MyIACC will provide opportunities for everybody with an internet connection to learn more about the issues surrounding corruption, to follow and contribute to key discussions, and to actively participate in the IACC sessions in real-time, from their computers and Smartphone devices.

Universities are also encouraged to participate in IACC University events for students and the public to follow and participate in conference sessions.