IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative

Attention! This competition is now closed & winners announced. Thank you to all for applying. Watch our newsletter and social media for more exciting opportunities.

What we Ask in the Application Process

We need to know that your project has potential to create change, and that you are personally committed to make it happen. To facilitate this, we have put together a Four Step application process that will help us get to know you better, and gain insights into how you plan on implementing the project.

Step 1: Tell Your Story of Change

In about 500 words (or less) we ask that you give us an insight into who you are, and why you are motivated to fight corruption. You can tell us about an experience you’ve had or something that has changed or influenced your perspective in some way. Download the story of change template here. Click here for PDF.

Step 2: The Elevator Pitch

Write a short and snappy description of your project. You can also think of this space as your opportunity to write your very own executive summary of what your project is and how it will work.

Step 3: The Impact Map

In 5 steps, outline the foreseen impact of your anti-corruption project in the Impact Map. Each step has a specific aim to help you (and us!) understand what is it you want to change, and how will you do this, and how can you measure the impact or expected outputs? Remember, we need projects that can deliver. The Impact Map will serve as a tool in which we work together to monitor and evaluate the project implementation. Download the Impact Map here. Click here for PDF.

Step 4: The Budget

We need to know how you plan on spending the grant, and how exactly much your project will cost in total. Fill out the Budget Template as appropriate for your project, listing the envisaged costs. In the IACC SEI grant column, indicate how much this specific grant would contribute towards the cost. In the Own Fund section, you have the opportunity to let us know if you already have funds to contribute to the core cost. Be as accurate as you can. If not all the template fields under the expenditure type are not applicable to your project, input the letters N/A or leave the field blank. The Total Per Expenditure Type column should specify the entire cost of the item. The Overall Project Total field should specify the total cost of the project. Download the budget template here. Download the budget template here. Click here for a screenshot of the EXEL file.

Crucial Information

The Four Steps outlined above are a checklist of everything you need to apply and compete in the competition. Without each of these documents successfully submitted, applications will not be valid. If you have any questions related to the documents or difficulty opening them, please email pomalley@transparency.org and we will get right back to you with a suggested solution.  Applications are welcome from now until 1 October 2012. Completed documents should be sent in one email package to the address above, indicating SEI Competition in the subject title.

Please note! Ashoka fellows are kindly asked to indicate their collaboration with Ashoka in Step 1: the Story of Change.

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