Resisting Bribery

Mariam Andam Al-ariqi

The Project

Mariam Andam Al-ariqi

Political Activist


The project is an anti-bribery campaign The Zero Note Campaign which seeks to promote the involvement of young people in community issues and create a youth environment aware of the corruption cases and reject all its aspects with no exception and thus contributing to a gradual narrowing to the perspective of corruption and change the common culture of corruption to a outcast culture. This is done by focusing on a corruption issue that has a significant negative impact on the community, which is Bribing. The project consists of four stages, the first stage starts with the distribution of the participation forms to Youth initiatives, youth organizations and universities in order to choose 30 young men and women (focusing on equality of sexes) from Sana’a province, 20 activists 10 media activists and designers. In the second phase the participants will be trained on the following (Mechanism and Ways to Combat Corruption in general and the issue of Bribes in particular

– The preparation of Advocacy Campaigns- Communication Skills – Social Media). In the third stage the participants will be divided into two teams, the coordination team who will coordinate the campaign and the accompany visits to the targets area- The Media team who will design the Zero Note and coordinate the campaign in the media. The Fourth and final phase is the implementation of the antibribery campaign the Zero Note Campaign in one of the biggest parks in Sana’a.

Game Changing Factor

Corruption became part of our lives because of our acceptance for example, If I wanted to complete any paper work in a governmental department and I was asked to pay extra money, I will pay and accept the situation the way it is. Well this is how people think therefore we don’t have to set rules in order to make a change , we have to change people’s way of thinking since they are the one who apply those laws. In this project, I try to enable people from getting their rights and fight bribery. Although the idea was inspired by the Zero Rupee Note, applying such campaign is new and will make a very remarkable change.

Why I fight Corruption

The outstanding movement that happened in the past two years in the Middle East and North Africa area has influenced its citizens and provided them with a paranormal power enabled them to change their regimes and strengthen their well in their fight against corruption. Yemen was included in this movement and I was blessed to be part of, so as I witnessed, youth played a very strong role in this critical stage. Young people rejected their corrupted reality and they were willing to scarify everything including their lives in this fight.

We were always raising a question which is (whom to blame) and we came to conclusion that neither regimes nor governments were fully responsible, the ignorance of people resulted in a very corrupted society that we can sense in our daily life. Therefore we should blame our families and their ancient relatives because they witnessed a briber or a thief and they took them for granted.

Living in such critical stage has changed me and provided me with a new perspective towards corruption as a result in the future I don’t want to be blamed because of my ignorance, I want a better future for my family a world with transparency and free of corruption that is why I am so motivated to be a fighter.