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As the 14th International Anti-Corruption Conference is coming to end today, its conclusion is highly anticipated.

The conference itself has been a market of ideas and information which over 1,200 paricipants from more than 130 countries shared and exchanged.

The theme of this conference is “Restoring Trust: Global Acion for Transparency”. One of the issues that has been talked about widely in the corridors was that everybody should take part in this fight. Others have been the experiences of some promising ways to promote transparency such as by Thai anti-graft commission or examples of cooperation in the construction sector, and many more new ideas, problems or threats that need to be addressed.

As the word “corruption” itself has a vague meaning, to what extent will policy makers and practitioners  be able to bring their ideas and experience into actions? > Read full story

How do you know when to bribe a police officer?

How do you know when to bribe a police officer?

The answer: When the officer tells you.

One day many years ago, I was driving in a wrong lane. A police officer told three cars to stop, the car in front of mine, my car, and a following one.

He collected the driving license card of the drivers one by one. Then went back to talk to the first driver.

I don’t kow what happened to the first driver. But when the officer came to me, he first told me where to pay the fine, and asked then: “That’s quite far, is it fine for you to go and pay the fine there?” He repeated the question and said: “If you are not, I can help you.” > Read full story

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Governments and Donors Should Take More Precautions in Disaster Relief: Experts

Governments and donors are warned to be more careful in distributing disaster relief funds. It has many critical points which are prone to corruption.

‘Where the most money get lost is in the procurement,’ said the Transparency International Senior Advisor Roslyn Hees last night.

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