Welcome messages


Dear Participants to the 15th IACC,

Welcome to Brazil. It is with great joy that we welcome you to our capital for this great Conference, gathering authorities and experts from governments, the private sector, various international organizations, academia and the civil society. The event focuses on providing participants with a high level forum to bring forward new ways to encourage greater transparency, accountability, and preventing and fighting against all forms of corruption. Taking place every two years, the theme for this year´s edition is “Mobilizing People: Connecting Agents of Change”, which will focus on innovative alternatives to curb corruption, especially those that empower the citizens and engage the civil society as a whole, including the younger generations.

The Brazilian Government is honored to support Transparency International and other non-governmental organizations in the organization of the Conference. In considering the fight against corruption a key element for social justice and development, my Government has been adopting and supporting innovative measures in the fields of public and private ethics and integrity, public transparency, open government and citizen engagement and participation.

I am confident that the 15th IACC will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views and raise awareness of the dangers and damages caused by corruption, as well as of the opportunities to engage people as agents of change.

Dilma Rousseff – President of Brazil



Dear Participants to the 15th IACC,

Welcome to Brazil.

We, at the Office of the Comptroller General of Brazil – CGU, are honored to host this high-level international forum and to jointly organize it with Transparency International and our partners, the Brazilian civil society organizations Amarribo and Ethos Institute. And we are very happy to welcome you all, who came from the most different parts of the world, to debate innovative ways to fight corruption, a problem that affects, in a higher or lesser degree, all countries in the world, their governments, corporations, private entities, and all other types of social organizations.

We are also proud that Brazil was chosen to host this Conference, due to the recognition of the Brazilian government’s hard work and commitment to preventing and combating corruption, especially by strengthening and promoting greater public transparency and civic participation – two concepts which lie in the heart of the theme chosen for this session of the IACC: “Mobilizing people: connecting agents of change”.

Our experience has showed us that, in practice, increasing transparency and civic participation in fact strongly contribute to improving public integrity and governance.

We sincerely hope that everyone seizes this occasion to share their experiences and points of view, since good ideas and good practices are neither a monopoly nor exclusive to any country. I am certain that we will all learn with the debates of the next days.

CGU and Brazil welcome you all with great joy and confidence in the production of positive results that will help us further advance the global anticorruption agenda.

Jorge Hage

Minister of State, head of the Office of the Comptroller General




Dear IACC Participants,

Welcome to Brasilia for the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference where we come together in a consolidation of our efforts to create a comprehensive approach to stopping corruption.

The calamity of corruption continues to ripple across the globe, keeping much needed medical care from the child whose parents cannot afford a bribe, or adding billions of dollars of unnecessary cost to construction projects worldwide or feeding illicit trade and being a threat to global security.

The ever-rising cost of corruption shows that deep, long-lasting change is essential and that corruption does not deserve a second chance. Our message to the corrupt is clear: impunity will not be tolerated.

The 15th IACC provides a space for careful contemplation on the way forward and will be a forum on mobilizing people for future interventions against corruption, connecting agents of change, fostering ways to ensure a transparent and mutually accountable commitment to green growth and poverty alleviation.

Transparency International extends its heartfelt thanks to the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General (CGU), the Brazilian government and especially to the Brazilian people for their hospitality. I would also like to thank the IACC council for their efforts to realise the 15th IACC and provide a stage for the global anti-corruption movement to come together. We look forward to a robust exchange and are confident the IACC will help us gather answers to critical anticorruption questions.

Huguette Labelle

Chair, Transparency International



Corruption is no longer denied, ignored or downplayed around the world, awareness is widespread and few fail to see its many forms whether one is rich or poor.

The battle against corruption is now worldwide and the community of activists gathered here in Brasilia should be proud that anti-corruption, accountability and integrity have become more than just words from politicians, now they are considered good practice.

But in many ways the battle has just begun, especially if one considers the ugly levels of impunity around the world among the most corrupt people, institutions, companies and governments. Repeat offenders see few reasons to stop asking for bribes or to limit their constant and obvious grabs at power.

A clear message must be sent to the purveyors of corruption — and will be launched from Brasilia at the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference — that corruption will not be given a second chance any longer.

From dictators who steal power from their people year after year to companies that avoid millions of dollars of tax payments on natural resources through secret arrangements, the message must be clear: We are not going to take it anymore.

People all over the world are devising new ways to push for greater transparency and accountability, and are standing up to ultimately achieve greater social justice. Yet corruption and impunity have an immense destabilising effect on society. Now more than ever, mutually accountable action is needed to create irreversible change, and to ensure that the power fuelled by corruption harms societies no more. It is people who will who will create this change.

Connecting and supporting those who are willing to fight corruption is essential.

This Conference will support all those who are willing to fight corruption;

  • by formulating strategies to mobilize people against corruption;
  • by devising ways to end impunity;
  • by finding ways to make integrity work for business;
  • by looking into the way forward for cleaner and greener governance;
  • by starting a global conversation to design a global governance agenda

I urge all delegates to get the most out of this Conference and together we will find success.

Together we can stop corruption.

Finally I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this Conference. Special mention should be made of our hosts the Brazilian Office of the Comptroller General, the Brazilian Government, AMARRIBO Brasil and Instituto Ethos in this regard.

Barry O’Keefe

Chair, IACC Council




Dear IACC Participants,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of AMARRIBO BRASIL it is my pleasure to welcome the participants of the 15th International Anti- Corruption Conference, to Brasilia – Brazil.

There are many and varied faces of corruption that afflict society and what we know is that over time the corrupt and the corruptors find ever more innovative and complex ways to practice corruption. What we also know that it is the poor who disproportionately suffer from corruption because it siphons off resources that could be spent to improve their education, provide better healthcare and security, and help secure basic food supplies in regions of the world suffering from endemic hunger.

Corruption destroys the legitimacy of institutions when those in power act with impunity. It destroys the dignity and self-esteem of individuals when they see the corrupt are not held to account.

It is up to all of us who are part of this movement to combat corruption to confront these challenges, overcome the obstacles and find innovative ways to counter corruption because we all have one goal: to create a more just, more humane, and more equitable world.

Twenty twelve was a very important year for Brazil. We had the opportunity to strengthen our institutions and limit corruption in some areas. We saw that mobilizing people against corruption brought about these results.

The 15th IACC will act as a forum to exchange ideas, experiences and most importantly share solutions. This will renew our strength and help us develop new strategies in the fight against corruption and impunity.

We wish everyone a very creative and productive conference.

Leo R.G.Torresan

Executive President




IACC is a global event that happens every two years, uniting committed specialists sectoral leaders ,and countries in the fight against corruption.

It is with great pleasure that the Ethos Institute of Companies and Social Responsibility takes part in the group of entities organizing the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference in the belief that we are contributing to the construction of a fairer and more sustainable society.

In 2012 Brazil hosted Rio+20, an opportunity for civil society, companies and governments to debate alternatives to move sustainable development forward. We will close this year dealing with one of the most essential issues of this agenda: the promotion of integrity practices, transparency and the proper use of public and private resources.

Companies are progressively more conscious that sustainability is a key to their own development. Managing integrity must be incorporated to the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability, promoting greater competiveness and business opportunities towards a green, inclusive and responsible economy.

Brazil, throughout these last years, has stepped forward improving its integrity and corruption fighting system. The notion that the private sector has a fundamental role to play in this fight is clearer every day. Fighting corruption has been one important pillar of the Ethos Institute’s work, which gained strength through the creation of the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption in 2005. After that, a series of activities, products and instruments were developed together with committed companies, in order to support private sector actors in search for ethical management and to create a favorable market environment through the construction of public policies.

By hosting the 15th IACC, Brazil demonstrates to the world its commitment to the promotion of integrity and fighting corruption. The Ethos Institute is honored to participate actively in the construction of the summit that may inspire citizens, organizations, companies and governments to deepen actions to promote integrity.

With this belief, we welcome all participants to the IACC and we hope to build together a fair and sustainable world, free of corruption.

Jorge Abrahão

President of the Ethos Institute of Com